Validating suffering

For significant decisions, make sure your team does the following in their decision-making process: There are many group techniques that can help with this, including the "Mind Tools" listed below.

By using one or more of these techniques to accomplish aspects of the group's work, you will vary the group's ways of working, and so guard against Groupthink and help make better decisions.

In a way a diagnosis is a doctors way of validating suffering as much as anything. I read it a few years ago, my friend raves about it. I did have a copy of the film, but never got round to watching it.

It did however remind me of some of the 'inter-life' ideas. The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity (ISBN 1-58322-543-9) is a 1975 book by Mark Vonnegut, son of American writer Kurt Vonnegut, about Mark's experiences in the late 1960s and his major psychotic breakdown and recovery.

However, if Groupthink does set in, it's important that you recognize and acknowledge it quickly, so that you can overcome it and quickly get back to functioning effectively.

Follow these steps to do this: Groupthink can severely undermine the value of a group's work and, at its worst, it can cost people their lives.

It is important also to understand the risks of Groupthink – if the stakes are high, you need to make a real effort to ensure that you're making good decisions.

And what biblical scholars now know is that later versions of the books differ significantly from earlier ones—in fact, even copies from the same time periods differ from each other.

Here, the desire for group cohesion effectively drives out good decision-making and problem solving.

Two well-known examples of Groupthink in action are the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster and the Bay of Pigs invasion.

They are joined by religious rationalizers—fundamentalists who, unable to find Scripture supporting their biases and beliefs, twist phrases and modify translations to prove they are honoring the Bible’s words.

They wave their Bibles at passersby, screaming their condemnations of homosexuals.

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