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Which is why we open the second part to the sculpture story with Hands. Beat Huber and Eva Oertli were responsible for the realization and financing of the project.However, the organizer of the exhibition called “Skulptura 04” took over the costs for transporting the concrete elements to Glarus.” , one little piggy has his snout in a rubbish bin bronzed-capped with a crumpled milk carton, orange peel, a half-eaten banana, apple core and a left-over sandwich.

Upon taking off the cloak, we learn half of Cricket's face was burnt when the gang locked him in their apartment and set it on fire.

There have been many literary and dramatic works based on Gaston Leroux's novel The Phantom of the Opera, ranging from stage musicals to films to children's books.

Some well known stage and screen adaptations of the novel are the 1925 film and the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical (see The Phantom of the Opera (1986 musical)); Susan Kay's 1990 Phantom is one of the best known novels and includes in-depth study of the title character's life and experiences.

The pain of IBS is caused by muscle spasms in the bowel and although symptoms can vary from person to person, they can include abdominal pain and discomfort, diarrhea and constipation as well as bloating of the abdomen.

Family doctor Dr Roger Henderson says: 'It's widely recognised that there's a complex connection between the brain and the digestive system which is why our mood can often affect the way our tummies feel.

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