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The invention was licensed to Telefunken and to a US company for a tidy sum: 20,000 Reichsmark (the currency in Germany from 1924-1948); ref. This is estimated (by me) to be the equivalent of roughly three quarters of a million US dollars (2008).

In the late 1920, Hell considered the TV technology to be in an impasse, and switched over to facsimile.

This has turned out to be one of the turning points in telecommunication.

In 1927 Hell obtained his doctorate degree with a dissertation on "a direct-indicating radio direction finder for aviation" [ref.

79], which became the basis for automatic guidance and auto-pilots of aircraft.

HIS LIFE Rudolf Hell was born on 19 December 1901 at the local freight railway station of Eggmühl (Lower Bavaria, 15 km south of Regensburg, 90 km northeast of Munich) where his father, Karl Hell, was station master for the Königlich-Bayrische Eisenbahngesellschaft (Royal Bavarian Railway Co.).

It is here were Rudolf was exposed to telegraphy at an early age.

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