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These are the TV Personalities currently available from Speak Out!

Guest stars: Freda Dowie as Muriel Gerard, Breffni Mc Kenna as DC Jack Langford, Caroline O'Neill as WPC Rachel Benson, Glyn Owen as DCI Paddy Merton, Jean Anderson as Victoria Wainwright. PC Rowan goes to London to try and chase a new job but finds a bent copper.

Guest stars: James Cosmo as Matthew Chapman, Paul Copley as Dick Radcliffe, Patrick Connolly as Keith Hawkins, Nicky Evans as Graham Thompson, Lynn Farleigh as Mary Radcliffe. A caregiver is on a good thing borrowing things from patients. Guest stars: Justin Chadwick as Derek, Annette Crosbie as Penelope Stirling, Simon O'Brien as Vince, Michael Carter as Auctioneer.

The peace anti-bomb movement comes to the village and starts the locals fighting.

This year's hosts were actors Gemma Arterton and Stephen Mangan, and performers included tenor Joseph Calleja, Broadway legend Bernadette Peters and ABBA's Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, who reunited onstage to celebrate the 15-year West End run of Mamma Mia.

These are the Celebrity Speakers currently available from Speak Out!

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