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These women are well aware that Bill Gothard is trying to return to IBLP (as Bill himself stated in a signed affidavit that is included in the lawsuit), and that is something they do not believe should ever happen.The effect of this publicity forces these brave women to relive painful moments from their past, while those same moments are evaluated and dissected by individuals whose reactions may very well cause fresh pain.We agreed as a team that, if we were in a position to influence a change, we wanted to help.We had hoped that these women would never have to be so publicly vulnerable as they were this week.

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The primary allegations in this new complaint now focus primarily on infliction of emotional distress caused by IBLP’s and Gothard’s 2014 public statements that denied anything of an illegal or criminal nature.

This is why time and time again we pleaded with Bill Gothard and the IBLP board to handle things in a straightforward and appropriate manner.

In the midst of all of this, we feel proud of these women and are in awe of their courage.

We know that, for these women, this suit is not about any potential financial gain, even though the financial and emotional costs of this kind of recovery can be great.

Several of them have stated to us multiple times that they simply want to make sure that the truth is told so that these crimes can’t happen to anyone else.

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