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In contrast, even relatively large stony or icy bodies like small comets or asteroids, up to millions of tons, are disrupted in the atmosphere, and do not make impact craters.Although such disruption events are uncommon, they can cause a considerable concussion to occur; the famed Tunguska event probably resulted from such an incident.Very large stony objects, hundreds of meters in diameter or more, weighing tens of millions of tons or more, can reach the surface and cause large craters, but are very rare.Such events are generally so energetic that the impactor is completely destroyed, leaving no meteorites.Meteorites smaller than 2 mm are classified as micrometeorites.

The force of such collisions has the potential to cause widespread destruction.The most frequent hypervelocity cratering events on the Earth are caused by iron meteoroids, which are most easily able to transit the atmosphere intact.Examples of craters caused by iron meteoroids include Barringer Meteor Crater, Odessa Meteor Crater, Wabar craters, and Wolfe Creek crater; iron meteorites are found in association with all of these craters.Strewn fields are commonly elliptical in shape, with the major axis parallel to the direction of flight.In most cases, the largest meteorites in a shower are found farthest down-range in the strewn field.

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