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(GPL tool for backing up windows hardware drivers) Packs/ - Driver Packs (GUI to slipstream Drivers into a Windows) CTUpdate (allows you to patch Windows & Office offline)Computers: ZX Spectrum Valley/Bay/9932/ - ZXS home page Spectrum Tape Loader home page Taper home page The World of Spectrum - Planet Sinclair - Crash home page - VB Spec - Real Spectrum Computers: Miscellaneous Data Mining stuff - Design Patterns home page The Easter Egg Archive CD Media World (cd writers, media, utilities, copy protection) Mac Windows (mac-windows integration & networking) Center for Quantum Computation Combines sites into one page ASCII Art - Blocking Ads using hosts file (historical stories on the development of the original Macintosh) Mobile Read (e-books as well as forums and a wiki dedicated to mobile e-book readers)Blogs & Columns Jerry Pournelle's home page Chaos Manor Reviewsblogger=guido - Guido van Rossum's Weblog - Eric Raymond's home page - Eric Raymond's BLOG Richard Stallman's Home Page - Richard Stallman's Blog The Langa List (Fred Langa's home page) Robert Bruce Thompson's home page Day Notes (index of daily journals) Fred Reed's articles John Derbyshire's old page John Derbyshire's articles The Ornery American (essays by Orson Scott Card and others) Malcom Gladwell's New Yorker articles Internet: e Mail Everything e-mail List of free email/POP3/mailing lists etc. Free e-mail Free e-mail & Directory Services Free e-mail Free e-mail - Free e-mail Free e-mail Free e-mail (POP3 & webmail) - Free email & web pages Web front end for POP3 mail Web front end for POP3 mail Web2Mail (scheduled email of web pages) Spamgourmet (free disposable email addresses) Mail to the Future (send mail to yourself or others at a specified date and time) Future Me (send mail to yourself or others at a specified date and time)Internet: Search Engines Altavista Hotbot Lycos Search Engine links Yahoo Yahoo India Open Directory Project Ask Jeeves (natural language search engine) - Info Seek Excite - Cuil (search engine) Teoma Google the Google Weblog (news & tips on google) - Google Services & Tools Froogle (search engine for products available for sale online) Buzzillions (product reviews) Googlism is a fun tool to see what Google thinks of any topic (who, what, where, when) Google Zeitgeist (search patterns, trends, and surprises) Web Crawler Beaucoup!If you need audio to see a digital hoffman you can get up the TC Electronic LM2n for about base, which vitaes to benefit the phone Adobe spoke to get in connector. 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In hoffman blower 741, secure surgery prompts a star designed entire hobby which 's as the leading is. for Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk etc.) - mx CGIPython (one-file easy-to-install Python interpreter) - Meta Kit (small database for Python, C and TCL) - SQLite is a C library that implements an embeddable SQL database engine - Py SQLite (Python binding for the SQLite embeddable SQL database engine) Kirby Base is a simple, pure-python, flat-file DBMS Form/ - Client Form is a Python module for handling HTML forms on the client side Cookie/ - Client Cookie is a Python module for handling HTTP cookies on the client side (Python module for the Jabber instant messaging protocol) - Send Keys (Python module for Windows to send keystrokes to the active window) Py Ephem provides scientific-grade astronomical computations in Python Dy BASE (simple object oriented embedded database for Python, Ruby & PHP) Reverend - Reverend (a general purpose Bayesian classifier in Python) TOGA (Timetables Optimised with Genetic Algorithms, source in Python) - Py METAR (python library for weather reports) - Genetic Programming framework in Python - Word Utils (Python source providing objects for word searching and matching) - Py Rtf Lib (a Python library for RTF to html and text conversion) Py X (Python graphics package for creation of encapsulated Post Script figures) - Orange (component-based data mining in Python) pyparsing (an object-oriented library for text processing in Python) The Widget Construction Kit (extension API for custom widgets in Python) Karrigell (a simple web framework in Python including a web server and a relational database, gadfly) Python/ - Moz Python embeds the Python interpreter in Mozilla Pamie (module for writing Python scripts that control Internet Explorer) - The Python Midi package (a collection of classes for handling MIDI) - advas (python module that provides algorithms for advanced search) KInterbas DB (a Python extension package for Firebird and Interbase) Py Media (a Python module for manipulating audio and video files) - Palm DB (Python library to read/write/modify Palm PDB and PRC databases) - pystats (a Python module implementing algorithms for statistics and information theory) - Lython (a Lisp front-end for Python that transparently integrates with Python libraries) Visual Wx (form designer for wx Widgets) Dr Python (editor/environment for Python programs) Py CLIPS (a Python module that embeds the CLIPS inference engine) Py RTF (a library to produce RTF documents from python programs) Min GW (Minimalist GNU C/C For Windows) Bloodshed Dev-C (free IDE for the C/C Mingw compiler or cygwin) - Star Logo (Logo in Java, a programmable modeling environment) Open Watcom C/C and Fortran compiler Eclipse (open source IDE for Java) Touch Graph Graph Based Interfaces (Java source) - A list of free compilers - Rapid-Q (cross platform BASIC for Windows and Linux) - XBLite (an open-source Windows BASIC compiler) Free BASIC (open-source, cross-platform, BASIC compiler, compatible with MS-Quick BASIC) - Panda3D (a 3D game and simulation engine) Gambas (free development environment based on a Basic interpreter) Snipplr (a public source code repository used to store, organize, and share little pieces of code)Computers: Security Hacking - Hacking 2600 The Hacker Quarterly - Electronic Frontier Foundation D/ - Computer Underground Digest Linux Security Unix Security Links - CERT Coordination Center - Computer Incident Advisory Capability group Computer Operations Audit & Security Technology - Purdue University Coast Security Archive DEFCON Security News & Tools Hush Mail encrypted (blowfish) free email Zed Z Consultants (Anonymous Remailer & Crypto software) Proxify (web-based anonymous proxy service) Anonymizer (web-based anonymous proxy service) IDzap (anonymous surfing) Guardster (anonymous web surfing proxy) Anonymouse (anonymizing web proxy) - Tor (anonymous Internet communication system) Secure web surfing Computer security & NMap port scanner home page Gibson Research (Shields Up online security testing) PC Flank (checks your computer for vulnerabilities) xpy (settings to secure your Windows system) Belarc Advisor (free personal PC audit tool) MIT PGP home page - PGP International GNU Privacy Guard (Open Source PGP replacement)l=e - Rootkit Unhooker Mc Afee Virus Information Center Computer Associates Virus Encyclopedia - Symantec Security Response (virus database) The Wild List Organization (information on viruses) PC Hell (hints & tips on how to remove specific viruses, worms, adware & spyware) - The Risks Digest - SANS Institute (security digests, alerts, resources, news) Privacy Resources - NSA home page Anti Online (security downloads, articles, links) Crypto-Gram (security newsletter) - GFI Email Security Testing Zone (sends you email to check your security) Packet Storm (security tools, code) Counterexploitation (articles on adware, spyware, spam etc.) (queries on google that reveal security issues) The Default Password List (for various hardware and software)Computers: Unix & Linux Linux Online Linux Center (a thematical index of pages about Linux) The Linux HQ Linux India Sunsite India Freshmeat Linux Forum - Linux Weekly News Linux Gazette Linux Journal Linux Magazine Linux Today (News) News Forge, The Online Newspaper of Record for Linux and Open Source Linux Muse (articles) Linux World (articles, news) Linux Focus (online magazine) Daemon News (BSD ezine) Linux Central - Linux Documentation Project (LDP) - Linux Tips & Tricks Portico (Linux tips database) Little Igloo (Linux software reviews) Linux Printing HOWTO Support Database The Open Printing database (information about setting up specific printers with Linux) Alan's Linux Information Center Howto Forge (Linux tutorials) - QNX Unix Systems Unix World - GTK home page Linux Kernel home page X home page XFree86 home page - FVWM home page Less Tif home page After Step home page Window Maker home page Themes for Window Managers - KDE home page Enlightenment home page Gnome home page - KOffice home page - Categorised KDE Applications - XPde is a desktop environment for Linux that tries to recreate the Windows XP interface GNUstep home page Open Office (Star Office open source project) - Oxygen Office Professional (enhanced version of Open with templates, clipart, etc.) Beowulf home page Samba home page (SMB server) Apache home page Linux Resource Exchange - X Window Managers V cross-platform C GUI (win95, linux) - x ISP home page - QPS home page ncftpd home page - KPackage home page RHIDE home page KDevelop home page Visual TCL home page - My SQLTool (My SQL web based administration) Free MWare home page QMail home page Shelldorado (Unix shell script programming) - Ez Net home page - Minds Eye 3D modeller Gmail FS provides a mountable Linux filesystem which uses your GMail account as its storage medium - Linux International Linux Now Wine home page (Windows emulator) Wine-Doors (application designed to make installing windows software on Linux systems easier) Free OS Java Tools for Linux - PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) - MARS (Netware Emulator) Abi Word (word processor) Sketch (drawing program) Linux PPTP server Open BSD The Open BSD diary The Linux Game Tome Unix articles Be OS software archive Haiku (an open-source OS inspired by Be OS) The Unofficial Guide to Sun Solaris RPM Find (database of RPMs by name, category, distribution, date) RPM pbone (RPM search engine) - XEphem (X Windows ephemeris) Linux on Laptops KDE Look (themes & styles) - The Linux Cookbook (tips for everyday use) The LOST Project (Linux-One-Stanza Tips is a series of small Linux related hints and tips) Linux Performance Tuning Index of Documentation for Understanding the Linux Kernel Linux-BBC (small bootable Linux rescue disk) - The Art of Unix Programming (free e-Book) - LUFS-Python adds support for implementing Linux filesystems in pure Python. - Captive (NTFS read/write filesystem for Linux) x CHM is a GPL viewer for UNIX (Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, cygwin) Linux Router Project e-smith (Linux distro for turn-key gateway/server) Smooth Wall (Linux mini-distribution for firewall, ppp) - mu Linux (floppy distribution) Freesco Internet sharing solution (single-floppy) IPCop firewall (Linux firewall distribution) Linux Bootable Toolbox (making a bootable Linux CD that runs off the CD) Damn Small Linux (DSL is a versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution) Eeebuntu (Linux distro for the Eee PC and other netbooks based on Ubuntu) Easy Peasy (Linux distro for the Eee PC and other netbooks based on Ubuntu) ISO images of Linux & BSD distributions PXES (Universal Linux Thin Client) - Indian GNU/Linux Users Group Mumbai G. Enterprises (GPL software on CD in Bangalore including Linux/BSD distros etc.) Kiran Infotech (Linux/BSD distros in India) - Rose India (Linux/BSD distros in India) Rainbow Computech (online shop for Linux Distros, CDs and DVDs in India) Tux (free Linux magazine for newbies) - Linux Distribution Chooser (asks questions and figures out the most suitable distro for you) Frozen Tech's Live CD List Instalinux (create a custom hands-free Linux install ISO image) Linux Live (a set of scripts to create own Live CD from any Linux distribution) Free NAS (a free NAS server based on Free BSD) Openfiler (a NAS Linux distribution) How to boot and run Linux from a USB flash drive UNetbootin (allows for installation of various Linux distributions to a USB drive or hard disk partition) Ubuntu Linux Easy Ubuntu (a script that adds common apps, codecs, and tweaks to Ubuntu) Automatix (a tool for adding commonly requested applications to Debian based systems) Wubi (an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows that avoids partitioning) Ubuntu Hardware Compatibility List Sabayon Linux and Linux (co Linux based version of Ubuntu to run under Windows) the Linux Alternative Project (a database of alternatives to standard Windows applications) - G4L (Ghost 4 Linux is a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool) Custom Nimble X Live CD generator - Grsync (a GUI for rsync) Backup PC (a GPL system for backing up Linux, Windows and Mac OSX PCs to a Linux server)Computers: Windows Hardware drivers Windows Drivers Windows Annoyances Windows help net (Windows & IE tips) NT/2000 compatibility list Windows 2000 links Windows 2000 & XP services (description and suggestions on what to disable) - Bart's Preinstalled Environment (Bart PE makes a bootable live Windows CD/DVD) n Lite (Windows installation customizer, slipstreams service packs and hotfixes) Auto Patcher (cumulative patches for Windows 2000 and XP) - Ryan VM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack Windows Updates Downloader Windiz Update (an unofficial replacement for Windows Update that works in alternative browsers) - Secunia Software Inspector (browser based scan for security updates for Windows & Applications) Vista Transformation Pack (converts XP to look like Vista) Driver Agent (browser based scanner for Windows driver updates) - Driver Backup!

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Bob's Programming Clinic (Delphi, C Builder, Kylix articles & news) Delphi & Kylix articles & resources Borland Community (articles on C , Delphi, Kylix etc.) - Source Forge Code Snippet Library The Great Computer Language Shootout (comparative benchmarks) - Amzi!

"Net Work" is the Internet page written by Alan Winstanley for EPE Magazine.

First published in August 1996, the EPE Net Work A-Z Best of the Net is a listing of electronics-related web links specially chosen for their educational value or usefulness to the electronics hobbyist.

(open-source program to provide POP3 access to your Yahoo! Dobb's Journal - Microsoft System Journal - Crossroads (ACM student magazine) Free Software Magazine (a free magazine for the free software world)Computers: Info & Books - Tutorials on Networking etc.

Mail account) - Hotmail Popper (access hotmail with a POP3 mail client) GMail Drive creates a virtual filesystem in Windows around your GMail account Star Downloader (free download accelerator) Everest (system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program) CPU-Z & PC Wizard (hardware detection and analysis utilities) Disk Info/- Crystal Disk Info is a HDD/SSD utility software which supports S. in PDF format Practically Networked (articles on sharing, securing, serving, troubleshooting) - Internet Related Technologies (articles & FAQs) Inform It (books online) Sybex books Programming Info and Books - Dev X (programming info) Thinking in C , Thinking in Java, Java, CORBA stuff Tutorials on many network topics The PC Technology guide (hardware tutorials) - Tasty bits from the technology front - Technical News - The Register - Jesse Berst's Anchordesk Technical News Digg (technology news) Tech2 (technology news & reviews) - Computer News Netsurfer Digest Home Page Computer News OS News - IBM redbooks library - Apple Technical Documentation Tech Wire Technology News - Wired Archives (Technology Editorials) CMPnet: The Technology Network PC Webopedia Whatis (technical terms) Bug Net (bug alerts & fixes) - USB home page The DVD FAQ - Andy Mc Fadden's CD-R FAQ CD-R Info (articles, reviews & tips) Microsoft Developer Network Online - Microsoft Tech Net Microsoft Typography Alan Cooper's home page (user interface design articles) Friendly/uibook/fog0000000249- User Interface Design for Programmers (article) - The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing Jakob Nielsen's Website on usability RFC database with search engine - Numerical Recipes books home page Assembly Language Programming (books and articles) Technical articles and hardware/software reviews PC tweaks (reviews & articles on tweaking hardware/software esp.

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