Marvel's agents of shield 1x13 online dating

We'll have to wait until much later to find out if this is true, but its doubtful since Amora is by far the more popular of the two, and Lorelei is acting closer to her comic-book self.

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Paladin in the comics is a highly skilled mercenary who is shown to work with heroes just as often as he works with villains.

It's unlikely that the members of Project Centipede could have deciphered it.

The Clairvoyant could have unlocked the formula by brain-probing Erksine while he was alive, without his knowledge.

As for the formula, it's derived from 4 known sources of superpower: Super Soldier Serum, gamma radiation, Chitauri technology, and Extremis.

The makeup of the SSS was lost when Erksine was killed, and people are still trying to work it out.

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