Itunes updating library crash

"It's about bringing order to complexity." I think it's time for Apple to look at i Tunes and start over with a fresh sheet of paper.Just admit that this horrible thing isn't working any more and try something entirely new. Eventually Fair Play copy protection disappeared for music, but it's lingered for movies and TV shows.Then the i Phone came along, and eventually the i Pod touch and the i Pad followed.

With over 23,000 files, i Tunes crashes for me frequently and is terribly slow.

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The problem of Spotify crashing and the memory leak still have continued for the last two updates of Spotify and the latest update of i Tunes (the two do not play well together).

It made it easier to get music online, and it provided musicians and their labels with a revenue stream.

So Apple's next step, the i Tunes Store, made a lot of sense.

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