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“That’s how we did most of our traveling.”There’s more to than reservations and room service.A comedy of manners with an adventurer’s heart, the film finds its protagonist accused of murder, stripped of his post, imprisoned, escaped and riding cable cars high into an Alpine monastery in search of answers.(And, typically for this director, it’s all very stylish, with costuming that achieves what Matt Zoller Seitz, critic and author of , calls “material synecdoche,” where “objects, locations or articles of clothing define whole personalities, relationships or conflicts.”) It’s perhaps the nearest thing to a Wes Anderson action blockbuster—a caper with both suspense and speed—though the director bristles at the description.“It’s more us trying to do a Lubitsch-esque type of thing and maybe a ‘30s type of Hitchcock movie,” he muses.I dress loud and colourful - I guess I’m a bit of a show off.'Age is just a number, it is nothing to do with fashion.

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“It was like having Google Earth for the Austro-Hungarian Empire.” When Anderson’s own Grand Budapest Hotel needed a pastry program, he turned to inspiration from the legendary Viennese bakery Demel.I love that about her.'I will absolutely, definitely not ever wear plain trousers and beige shirts and jumpers.My favourite outfit is combat ripped jeans with red pocket linings, a Vivienne Westwood shirt with gold glitter on the cuffs and a Union Jack on the neck.Fiennes, for his part, says he’d love to join the troupe again in the future.“Wes has an almost old-world way of considering other people,” he says, “a rare kind of courtesy.

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