Interreligious dating

The younger generations are divided on this subject but tend to keep their views to themselves.It is simply a topic not commonly discussed and many people are not very receptive.

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Furthermore, marriages and divorces are often regulated by the country's religious institutions and though divorce can easily be obtained by Muslim Egyptian woman, it gets much harder for a Christian woman due to the strict rules of the church.In the Islamic law, if a Christian woman ends up marrying a Muslim man, their children would grow up to be Muslims and Muslim women cannot, under any circumstances, marry a non-Muslim man because the children will take the father's religion.Another argument also stems from a Islamic religious point of view.Despite how common violence occurs due to interfaith relationships, it remains an undiscussed subject.Authorities, newspapers and local news often fail to report such stories and usually blame clashes on "abductions" or "family fights."The reason behind the media's lack of attention and the authorities reluctancy to address this societal dilemma remains unclear."We need to start talking about this and stop shoving everything we deem 'uncomfortable' under a rug," said Omar Mohammed, a young Muslim man who is dating a Christian American woman."My family won't accept her because of her religious beliefs and her nationality," which further complicates the relationship."We need to talk about this because couples like us are not doing anything wrong. Another reason why interfaith marriages are widely rejected in Egypt is because of the children the couple may eventually have.

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