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However, the claims in the message are utter nonsense.Facebook has made no announcement about an anti-profanity campaign like the one described and Mark Zuckerberg certainly did not send out the message. Or it perhaps represents one user’s rather lame attempt to scare people into swearing less on Facebook.

It is a scam designed to trick Facebook users into spamming their friends and supplying their personal information on suspect survey websites.However, depending on the context, use of profanity might be considered hate speech or bullying and harassment and could therefore contravene Facebook’s Community Standards and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.And, for the record, Facebook Page managers already have access to a profanity filter that they can enable and configure if they feel it is necessary.Therefore, while it may implement terms of use, update policies and expect users to follow a set of community standards, it cannot issue ‘laws’.Facebook does not have any specific rules (or even laws) about profanity.

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