Error validating server certificate for xcode dating search maxine gomez

X版本的,也会一直报这个错, 即使按照上面的做法,过几天还是会弹。所以这个时候需要大家升级svn的版本到最新版本(1.8. I just updated the certificate on one of my sites due to the old one expiring.If Open SSL is unable to automatically trust the CA, or if some other problem occurs (such as an expired certificate or hostname mismatch), the Subversion command-line client will ask you whether you want to trust the server certificate anyway.If this trust evaluation fails, the client refuses to connect.

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I managed to setup a SVN (over SSL) server and Tortoise SVN client on Win.Now I can move to Git at my leisure instead of in a panic. When making a connection over HTTPS, the client must evaluate whether to trust the server.If cached, Subversion will automatically trust this certificate in future negotiations.wusipingde Mac Book-Pro:~ railgun$ wusipingde Mac Book-Pro:~ railgun$ svn ls https://.143/svn/isite_ios Error validating server certificate for 'https://.143': - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.

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