Ellis weber sex offender

Along with his mentor, Richard Beasley, Rafferty placed ads on Craigslist seeking laborers to work on a fictitious Ohio ranch.

Instead of employment, respondents were murdered and robbed.

The motive for the killing is largely unknown, though Anderson received the mandatory life without parole sentence. Philip Markoff Craigslist Killer The highly publicized saga of the Craigslist Killer involved charges stemming from the death of Julissa Brisman, as well as two additional assaults carried out on women responding to Craigslist ads.

The case drew scrutiny for the unlikely perpetrator, who was a pre-med student and seemingly normal chap. Markoff had a dark side, displaying sexual deviance and other hidden irregularities.

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several charges were levied, including child endangerment. Wine Snob Beating Seeking the finer things in life is to be admired, but pursuing high-end wine from a discount Craigslist posting carried unanticipated risks for one wine aficionado.Once there, she was coaxed into an upper area of the home and murdered in cold blood.Michael Anderson, her killer, was a 19 year old man with poor social skills. Olson with a .357 caliber handgun, before dragging her body down the stairs and tying her up.For his role, Carlton Simmons was sentenced to six years in prison. Donna Jou Disappearance Some Craigslist crimes go unsolved, partly because of the nature of the site.Often, one-on-one meetings are arranged on Craigslist, which is never a good idea. Jou, a man has already confessed to involuntary manslaughter and served a portion of the 5-year term he received for the crime.

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