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This is also 4th largest air force in all countries of the world because it has also large number of air crafts which are approximately 1721, this force was being formed in 1932, as more interesting to know that this force is as much capable that to make their own aircrafts with sharing of Russia, in its all crafts 1080- crafts used as fighter crafts.

Another most strongest army, military, Navy and not far away Air defense country which is not other than that of Pakistan, as this country has produce gigantic air defense force which is so far called as PAF, according to history of Pakistan, from the beginning of this country, this is always in such feuds because Pakistan has never good relations with its more important country India therefore Pakistan has produce best air force of the world with skillful pilots.

As talk about the crafts in this force which are about 2500 in which over 1500 are combat therefore there is no doubt of calling this force the most competent air defense and they are increasing their technology in this department by using best radar system in crafts.

Russian Air Force is Known as Soviet Air Force which is new formed force that was came into being in 1992 but despite of recent formation this force is so far called as best in the whole world, with respect to size this is also one of the biggest because about 148000 people are there to perform their duties.

This force has about 3125 crafts because this country is able to made their own aircrafts by their air force department, instead of this the also export crafts to some other countries like that of their weapons therefore this force is as much able to deal with any emergency in any country of the world because it has much resources and technology to deal.

Air Force department of United States of America is Aerial warfare branch of special armed force of the country, on the day of its formation it was considered as the part of the United States Army but in 1947 it was made separate department but now considered as one of the best air forces in the world.

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It delivered ten 1,377-pound Iridium NEXT communications satellites about 388 miles above Earth, where they will replace older-model satellites and be used to provide faster and more advanced broadband service on Earth.The head quarter of this force is in Ankara, they have bought new combat jets which are named as Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II and heavy lifting powerful helicopters, therefore Turkish air force has about 668 jets with 60,000 men in this force, they have participated in wars including war of Independence, Korean war and many others.French Air Force is one of historical forces which is the part of French Armed Force Department, so according to history this was formed in 1909 but that time it was merged in military but in 1934 it was made separate department, so it is now named as Armee de’l’air.The drones are also considered one of the primary weapons in U. counter terrorism strategy as both the Predator and the Reaper have strike capabilities, usually carrying a payload of AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles.Block 5 kits for the MQ-9 Reaper increase electrical power and provide secure communications between the Joint Terminal Attack Controller, or forward observer, and the UAV crew made up of a drone pilot and sensor operator, as well as the mission intelligence coordinator.

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